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I am currently investigating the different API's for PSD2 of the various banks, in order to make better desing descisions for our product Twinfield. Our goal for the nearby future is to periodically get the bankstatements of a clients bankaccount and process them in our product. For most banks a TPP needs to redirect the client to the bank to give his consent. In the sandbox docu for van Lanschot I am unable to find anything about this consent redirection. Maybe thats why I have difficulties to interpret the function of the GET Consent status request and the function of the GET SCA status of the consent request. Can you give some more explanation about how the consent flow for Lanschot works ?


    Hello David, Like most banks we will implement an Oauth2 based consent flow. This means that the client will be redirected to a consent page where he will be able to select accounts and sign the consent request. GET SCA status request (/v1/consents/{consentId}/authorisations/{authorisationId}) : this will indicate the status of the authorization for this consent. If all goes well, this will typically go through the values "scaMethodSelected", "started", "psuAuthenticated" and "finalised". GET Consent status request (/v1/consents/{consentId}/status) : Until the client has signed the consent, this will return "received", after signing the consent, this will return "valid". I hope this answers your question, best regards, Chris Roelofs
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 10 Apr 2019 13:52:54 GMT

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