Query Related to "Corporate" and "Retail" Customer Type

Hi, We are licensed TPP Pelican Payment Services Ltd from UK London with FCA registration number as 791330. We have successfully integrated with sandbox environment APIs provided by the bank - " Van Lanschot, Netherland ". We have a query and would like to have your valuable input for the same. It would be of great help if you can help us know how can we outreach to "Corporate" and "Retail" customers of your bank through PSD2 APIs. Do the different customer types namely  "Corporate" and "Retail" have different sandbox environment APIs ? or all the different customer types can be reached through the same API exposed at the developer portal i.e "https://xs2a-sandbox.vanlanschot.com/ ". Kindly guide us for the same and help us outreach to most of your customers. Do let us known if any further information is required from our end. Thanks in advance.

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