Questions for the mandatory fields, PSD2 test data and Authorization url missing information

Dears, we have tried to contact you via email couple of times, but without results. If it is possible, can you please provide us informations and Guidelines on the following questions: 1. Can you please clarify what should be the mandatory query values for the authorization url ? For example what should be scope value for both PIS and AIS? We are not able to authorize neither the payment or the consent. There is Authorization documentation missing and we constantly receiving an error after we tried to log in . 2. We would like to know if you provide some test data like ibans user name and password for the authorization part, etc. 3. We are not able to log in when we are using “account1’” or “account2” – please look at the attached screenshots. 4. About the "Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key" header - We would need to know if it also required for production? Thanks in advance!


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